Why do I find myself browsing this forum every day? ...

Why do I find myself browsing this forum every day? …

…More evidence of a great program.

Because thinking about Scrivener is easier than writing. Ask KB. Or most of the rest of us. When we think about Scrivener, we’re likely to come away happy. Would that it were always so with our real writing.

Well, for me, I’m here every day trying to learn enough about Scrivener so I can replace the ferocious bad habits I got from 23 years of writing in Microsoft Word with a whole new set of ferocious bad habits.

There is a bit of a learning curve, when the elderly are confronted with whole crowds of foreign concepts like “tags” and “labels” and such. I figure if I keep coming back, I might figure out how to deploy them in some useful way. Right now I’m finding Scrivener a relaxing environment in which to write, but I feel as though I’m leaving most of its capabilities unexploited. Kind of like the old woodcutter who bought a new chainsaw, and complained to the saw dealer that it wasn’t really making him more productive, and the dealer showed him how to add fuel and start the engine.

Well, all this, and I enjoy seeing people argue over what color of binder grommit is necessary to acquire a stretch limo in Hollywood.