Why do i have blank pages sporadically after compiling and how do I get rid of them

Blank pages appear in compilation when i least expect them
Why is this does anyone know and how do i get rid of them?

You should provide more information.
Always? Always in the same place? At the beginning, middle, end?
Halfway in a chapter/document?

Making your compile format available for download would allow someone to take a look at the potential causes.

Well when i used word or mac’s pages i didn’t have these.
Didn’t i say 'sporadically ’ or if i didn’t perhaps i should have. They appear- blsnk pages - after compiling particularly after editing

The weakest link (support person ) said something about page breaks
From memory she emailed ‘if you ask for a page break you get a page break’

So i was baffled etc because i am not trained in word processing just experienced using word.

I wanted a response saying try this, try that but no

Something else about orphans and widows

And each time i went back into scriveners to try and see and try all sorts , the blank pages loomed up somewhere else

Madness and yes i could try user manual which didn’t cover my issue either
I suspect im not only person having same if not similar issues

I thought whole idea of scrivener was to type write quickly then with a few tweaks compiling would compile something without blsnk psges in middle of text
You’d be annoyed if you bought a book like that

Cutting to the chase, going back to your original question about blank pages–or is it blsnk?–, as @Vincent_Vincent suggested:

The compile format is your specification on what you want the compiler to do. If you tell it to make blank pages, it will make them. The issue is to remove un-intended commands to make blank pages, and by inspecting the compile format someone can assist.