Why do images NOT appear in the comments of a compiled Word doc?

Here’s the problem I’m having…

In Scrivener, I will add an image to a comment (Insert > Image from File…) OR an image to a footnote (Insert > Image from File…).

It shows up fine in Scrivener…

But then when I compile it as a Word doc, the images are missing. When I compile it as a PDF, however, the images are not missing.

Any idea how to fix this?


Took a screenshot to make it easy for everyone… but I can’t upload it… or paste the link properly. Delete the space below:

https:// i.postimg.cc/fZMms0R7/Screen-Shot-2022-01-04-at-2-46-53-PM.png

I have never had occasion to put an image in a comment or footnote. It seems an unusual use of those facilities. Is this something that you can even do in Word directly?

Yeah, you can insert images into comments in MS Word.