Why do *you* read? (Split from SF thread...)

Rylands` interior is even more stunning than its exterior, eclipsed in magnitude, only by the treasures it houses.

Youd think I lived there, the way I rave about the place, but Ive never set foot inside its doors.

Having missed a school visit there, in my early teens because of illness, I have, for the past 50yrs(at least three time a year) never past this building without vowing to myself, Im definitely gonna spend the day in there anytime soon!`. I suspect however, that, that day is well nigh here :laughing:

Take care

It`s just occurred to me :open_mouth: 50 yrs procrastination is surely worthy of some kind of award! What say you all?

[size=59]just watch Keith come along and shovel this into the procrastination thread[/size]

The pedestal is crumbling…

I know what the problem is! They don’t have the appropriate tables for you to shelter under.

Seriously. You need to crawl out from under your table, walk through that door and verify that the place is a glorious as it looks in that photo.

Don’t make me come over there. I would hate to have to assault an old man (if you procrastinated for 50 yrs then you are 50+ which at this point in my chronology still qualifies you as old).

Yes, a stick up side the head.

[size=59]Quite frankly I am surprised there is not a vic-k thread or 12 dedicated to shoveled posts. Between the two of us Keith may choose to set up a separate forum and not tell us about it, just to get rid of us.[/size]

[size=59]he would if he thought he could get away with it, but hes afraid of Pink[/size]:evil: [size=59]Shed fill the forums full of filth, demanding her own thread. If he gave in to blackmail he`d lose his credibility as Cap,n of Scriv. Amber and the other bilge rats (Portlanders) would then make their move, a putsch to take control of the ship [/size]IMHO

Im psyching myself up for the big push tomorrow, against [i]Le Chateau Rylands. [/i] Its definitely gonna happen :laughing:

[size=59]I have begun to notice that the “bilge rats” as you called them seem to be a pretty cohesive bunch. I believe that any mutiny they instigate would stand a chance of success simply based on the sheer number of their party. Then again our penchant towards libations of excessive intoxicants would make us less than useful as a defense of the ship. Until they forced the tea on us… [/size]

Psyc’ing? Is there some phobia that we don’t know about? I would think that lLe Chateau would represent nirvana, not the citadel. Am i missing something?

Wait. I forgot. it is a phobia of being out from under the table.

I love that place, yet like Vic procratinate on my visits to it far to regularly. Maybe I need to pack up the PowerBook hop on my motorcycle and spend a Saturday there.

Vic-K!! Report on your progress. Or the ca’pin’ will unleash the ‘oards o’ 'ortlanders on yer.

:blush: This morning, instead of heading North to the City Centre and the consummation of my 50yr+ love affair with J Rylands, I journeyed South, to the A/E Dept. of South Manchester General Hospt, after a night of abdominal pain.

They tested for everything except IQ. All the results are AOK. Apparently Ive got a bug thats doing the rounds. As of now, apart from feeling very tired, all the symptoms have vanished (touch wood).

Its probably best to rest tomorrow, but if I feel up to it, I might just give it a go. Failing that, definitely Thursday. It cant not happen!!

Take care Vic

You still get abdominal pain? After all those Jameson tots? Hmmm… welders are obviously sturdier than I thought.


.sturdier? …yeah!..I suppose youre right. Welders are, a breed apart`, from most ordinary men. But! …like the man said…,â€

This is Houston control. Begin countdown.
Time: 0801hrs
Lift off: 0900

This is Houston Control
Time: 0855 :open_mouth: Our Guy said ,“Sod it I`m off!”

Shall I assume from the lack of follow up that you are ready to walk the plank?

As my father woudl chide, “disappointed … disapointed”.

Sorry! :blush:

Thought you`d all headed off for pastures (forums), new.
Back in a bit!!


It was a bit like going on a blind date. I set off at 9am, full of joyful anticipation (truly), tinged with a modicum of apprehension.

I came home about 5-30pm, feeling as though Id just spent the day, in intimately close proximity to a provocative and hypnotically beautiful woman. One who filled me with fearful [i]tactillious[/i] lustfueled longings and desires, :smiling_imp: whilst wearing a sweatshirt with the legend,..."You can look, but you betta not touch!", emblazoned across the boobline. In the background the Coasters were singing their 60s hit, Poison Ivy` whence came the legend. :cry:

Gonna make a cheese buttie. Back shortly

The interior photo (earlier in the thread ), is of the Historic Reading Room. To look at it, you wouldnt dream, it was actually the librarys third floor, with yet another floor above it.

There are twelve, alcoves, six on either side( approx. 5mx5m sq), all lined with glass fronted bookcases. These bookcases, contain the most incredible array of rare books imaginable. The room has a gallery, The Lantern Gallery. This replicates the layout of the alcoves and their content, on the floor beneath.

I never reached the Lantern Gallery, because I spent so much time ogling and fantasising about the treasures on the lower floor. In the whole of my life, I have never paid such close attention to something printed on the spines of books(thousands of em). I was cross eyed when I left the library.

Just a few of the things I came across:
a) this could be of interest to Juddbert. Carews Survey of Cornwall printed in 1602, (Ive just Googled it: west-penwith.org.uk/carew.htm )

b) Boccaccio`s Il Deccamerone. Printed 1542.

c) Le Livre D`Or de Victor Hugo. Printed 1883

d) Nicolo Machiavelli. Dell’arte della guerra (The Art of War) Printed 152?

e) This could interest Siren. A small display case exhibition covering the life of George Gissing ( of New Grub Street etc.etc.)

f) Alongside the above, a similar display covering bbc.co.uk/manchester/content … ture.shtml.
g) In another room, the Activities gallery, I came across original copies of the Bible from 15/1600s; an original 5000 yr old Egyptian hieroglyphic bill of sale, by one priest to another, of two offices in a temple. It was written on a papyrus scroll over 12ft long; a similar exhibit, of an original bill of sale by one woman to another, of her house.

h) In the Rylands Gallery, I saw a papyrus fragment, known as the St John Fragment dating back to the 2nd centuryAD, which is thought by scholars, to be the earliest piece of New Testament in existence.

Upon proof of identity and address, I could acquire a Readers ticket, and thereby gain access to a huge amount of Rylands` treasures and peruse away in the Elsevier Reading Room on the 4th floor.

The contents of the Historic Reading Room are only a miniscule example of what the Library has to offer the lucky readers, who can provide some proof of genuine study, even of the most modest kind. For that reason, however, I have to say, that, for me, your humble local library, in the mall, fulfils, a far higher purpose, than does this gorgeous Hogwarts like treasure house. They service the wants and needs of us all. And admirably so in most cases.

Ill go again, soon, but next time, with the antidote to Poison Ivys venom.
Take care


You should go back. Again and again in an easy-going rather than an agog way. Just paper and ink you know . . . with the scent of dreams.




Wot happened to your welder-prose? I will have to take back every churlish fing I said about you, old sod. And besides, me ancestors were from nearby Chorley. Anyway, you wrote a fine account of the library and early books. Please do keep it up, and spend more time on the Scriv upper decks.


We need green emotos. As in green with envy.

One of my biggest laments is that I am not very confident in Latin, old english, or french. I know enough from my reading to get most cliches (and stumble though some personal favorite like early Arthorian legend). I think more than one ot two trips and suicide would be considered. Ancient books are the only reason I regret not getting a formal education (I don’t trust translators).