Why do you write?

Why do you write?

  • Because I have a story to tell.
  • Because I have information to share.
  • Because I can’t NOT write; it’s a calling.
  • Because it’s an escape from my otherwise humdrum life.
  • Because it’s how I express myself.
  • Because I want to be immortalized in words.
  • Because I tried singing and was chased out of the village.
  • Because I need or want a career change.

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Just a quick survey of the reasons Scriveners write. There are any number of possible reasons, but I felt these captured a good sampling of them.

Some of us just want to find a new way to explain what we are too afraid to talk about openly. Not sure I would vote for that though. Too telling.

Young master Jaysen,
Wearing your wifes underwear, isnt really a big deal in this day and age. 8) :wink:

No choice really. I’ve done it all my life.

I write because it’s the only way out.


I’ve also found that it keeps me sane. When I don’t write, my hormone disorder causes more mood swings. When I do, my emotions even out more.

:confused: …I just betrayed my personal insanity, didn’t I?

There isn’t a category labelled “Revenge”… 8) :slight_smile:

You should try the approach that vic-k-y and I use. Just slap it all right out there. No need to hide it.

On second thing Hugh, Thequiteone, and Judd really could use some hiding. Note the possible duplicate meanings there…

Seriously though, I gave up on trying to hide the issues that I thought put me on the fringes. Turns out I was more “normal” once I quit trying to cover it up. Not only do I find the humor in my own issues now, but I can help others feel a bit more normal.

Granted not having a head isn’t all that common a problem so I don’t get to help too many people.

Just!! Just!! :open_mouth: Wot y talkin about, JUST! The rest of the crew are only grateful you`re not one of the moderators! It comes as no surprise to us, that you think your computer eats stuff.

Well, to be fair… computers could eat stuff if they were designed like this:


Carradee, if you are using this as your primary writing platform, may I humbly suggest and upgrade?


Hey, my ruby iMac seriously tore one or two hard drive into pieces, somehow. At one point, I did a Get Info on the computer, and it had negative memory. :open_mouth: That was my first computer of my own, back before my brother and I started taking computers apart, so I never figured out what caused it.

Jaysen, my “insanity” tends to get shoved into my writing, which is what keeps me sane, the rest of the time. Might be why my stories tend to be full of morbid and blood and crazy and all. Or maybe that’s just a side effect of loving to read the Bible’s Old Testament when I was a kid, especially Genesis, Exodus, and Judges. :mrgreen: (Though I admittedly didn’t understand all that I was reading until later…)

The emotional levels are far more even keel when I write.

And when it works, I feel like I am merely a faucet where the pure streams flow. And the flow I found during my travels this summer revealed the reasons why more clearly than I have found them before: This is my eschatography. This is my exorcism. And, like every good exorcism, it is also a confession: I need to write this story on the soft typewriter of reality, to conjure forth the demons and nail them to the page.

I write to keep my sanity intact as well.

But then again, my definition of sanity is people who still have the ability to pretend as if they aren’t insane. I often lose that ability, often from a lack of writing or a lack of sleep.

Ah, sleep. Where we lie down in a comatose state for several hours and have a series of convulsive involuntary spasms while vividly hallucinating, then get up, suffer partial amnesia about the entire experience, and treat it as if nothing unusual happened at all.

Makes me wonder why some drugs are illegal.


Well, um, when you put it that way…

Sweet Thing,
No need to go all coy and eyelash fluttery. :wink: 8) Just tell kirky baby, that the only narcotic you need is vic-ks intellectual jousting and coruscating wit. Tell him youve been mainlining on it, since the day you joined Scrivs crew. :slight_smile:

Is that an hallucinogenic haze I see before me? I must away! :smiling_imp:
Caio f` now Sweetness
Psychedelia Rules OK!

No wonder I like sleep so much…I’m afraid that I may be addicted. I just need a little sleep, you know? Just to get my head right.

Vic, your wit is a narcotic, so it seems many of us are on the nod.

I’ve been kicking my addiction (to morphetic realms) lately… so much to do… so little time… novel… conferences… thesis… submission deadlines whizzing past… Warren Zevon, remind of the reasons why…!

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

Ah, yes. That’s it. I can survive without sleep, but without music? Never.

A gentleman and a scholar, Sir! A gentleman and a scholar!
Your words pretty much echo my wifes sentiments, more or less. "Youre daft jokes are so boring! Your sense of humour`s gonna get you knifed, one of these days!" Usually spoken with an anticipatory gleam in her eyes :frowning: Ah well
Take care

Your rang??? YAWN.