Why does compile to "paperback novel" do weird margins?

back with a question - why does it Scriv do weird alternating margins, one page with a big left margin/next page big right margin, when I compile to “paperback novel”?
I just want to do a simple single chapter compile for a friend who is reading chapters as I go and this is something I have come up against. If there’s better way of compiling for this purpose I would also really appreciate any tips.

The Paperback Novel preset is for making paperbacks, where you would want alternating margins to accommodate for book binding methods. If you just want a simple print-out to give to a friend, then “Original” is probably fine. There is also a “Proof Copy” preset that might work for you.

thanks Amber that’s perfect.

one small thing - how do I get rid of the title in the corner of every page when I do an “original” compile?

The “Page Settings” compile panel is where you set up paper size, margins, headers and footers.