Why does my scribe keep changing to a trial version?

My Scribner license keeps getting revoked. Every morning, when I turn my computer back on, the Scribner version goes back to the trial version, saying that the license is incorrect. If you re-enter your license, it will go back, but it’s annoying to do this every morning. Please tell me what’s wrong with my scribe. I’ve already reinstalled it, but it’s the same.


This is a known issue with our licensing provider, Paddle. Do you have Scrivener 1 or Scrivener 3? Scrivener 3 has a patch that should cause Scrivener to re-activate in the background. 1 is no longer being updated.

Are you using a VPN? That seems to be a common factor in frequent deactivation. You might also check your other security settings like Firewall, antivirus, etc. You can also try running Scrivener as an administrator.