Why does my Scrivener page move when I edit near the top of the pane?

I’ve used Scrivener for a long time. Ever since one of the updates within the last few years, when I made an edit near the top of the pane, the page shifted downward so I had to search for my cursor. It’s jarring and when I’m editing a long manuscript, as I am now, it’s an annoying waste of time. Is there a fix for this? Maybe a setting I can change? Does anyone else have this issue?


Scrivener has a feature called Typewriter Scrolling which tries to keep the writing cursor centered vertically on the page, so that you are always looking at the same spot at you type.

Perhaps you inadvertently enabled this. If View > Text Editing > Typewriter Scrolling is checked, disable it.

By the way, each editor has it’s own Typewriter Scrolling setting, so be sure to turn it off for both editors if you’ve got both displayed.


Above the text there’s a little T with a circle around it. If it’s black you’re in typewriter mode and scrolling is weird because it’s trying to keep the cursor centered vertically.
Just tap the button to turn it off for any “finger editing” and then tap it back on when you’re done to return to typewriter mode.

Thank you! I’m not sure what you mean by “each editor”. I disabled it in the General Settings. I’m a bit rusty in the minutia of Scrivener. The problem is solved in the chapter I’m currently editing.

There’s another reply below yours so I’ll take a look and see if that addresses the other editor. You’ve saved my sanity! :innocent:

Ah! Thanks for your help! I wasn’t familiar with this feature.

You can split the screen and have two editor panes.

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Sorry, just noticed you’re on iOS Scriv - that only applies to desktop Scriv, so never mind!