Why does page numbering skip a front matter page?

When I create a PDF of my novel, the page numbers start with the sixth page of the front matter but then skip the eighth. They are Roman numerals as desired but I don’t understand the omission of page numbers after appearing (correctly) for two pages.

Is your front matter the sum of multiple binder documents or made of a single document ?

multiple documents. The contents part is two pages, which are both numbered. The next, and last page in front matter, is not.


Thanks for the tip but . . .
Turned on page numbers for all the pages in the front matter. Not what I was looking for.

Well, that means that (perhaps) you get your pages un-numbered from 1 to 5 the wrong way.

But you might have no choice.
Maybe then merge the document that doesn’t get its page numbered with the previous document ?
In which case you’ll likely have to insert your page break in the editor directly. (And the title and subtitle etc etc.)
And have the option I highlighted pertaining to page breaks unchecked.

My point being that I don’t think the interface is built to allow non-numbered pages in the front matter. (I actually mean to have a couple of pages without a header/footer, then do, midway. Page numbers or whatever.)
So I assume you are using the “no header/footer on single pages” setting for that.
If so, well, that’s the rule you’ve then established : don’t have single page documents if you want them page numbered. Merge them with the previous document. (If you need them to have a layout of their own at compile, that might turn into a nightmare. In this case I’d say : leave the page numbers, remove them later on in a third party app.)