Why does Scriv not know that I am the author?

I don’t quite know even what to ask, but there is a little quirk that’s been bothering me since I upgraded. Now, on both my machines, my mom’s cousin is listed as the author/owner of the computers. I loved her dearly, but she is dead! I had wanted to dedicate my novel to her and to my parents, which is where her name came from - but why on earth does Scrivener consider her to be the author, and how can I fix this?

I am, of course, running permissions repairs on both machines, and I’m listed as the owner/administrator. In other words, it’s not Mac OS problem as far as I can tell. This just happens in Scrivener and Calibre. Does anyone have any idea why, and what I might do to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

The author name is pulled from the default contact in the OS X Contacts app (aka Address Book), the one created when first setting up the computer. It sounds like the cousin’s name is in there for some reason, so correcting that will fix it in Scrivener and anywhere else that may be using your Contacts info. If you want to set up a pen name, you can make a contact for that and add “Scrivener:UseMe” to the note.

Thanks for this! I have no idea why my cousin’s name should be the primary one in my contacts folder, but I will check.

And I THOUGHT I knew my way around my computer pretty well. I guess it’s not so. :wink: