Why does Scrivener want to cap compass points?

Why does Scriviner want capitals for compass points, e.g north, south?

I’ve just written

Scrivener wants it to be

I’m a Brit and to use a capital E as above is rather alien to me.

Helen, being curious.

I’m a Brit too, and I’ve never seen this! Do you have any third-party text replacement tools installed? This isn’t something Scrivener itself is doing, so it must either be a third-party tool, or Apple’s automatic spelling correction (although that didn’t do this for me), or a substitution you have set up in the system preferences, so those are the best places to look.

All the best,

Hi, I’ve no 3rd party replacement tools installed, Keith. I do however use Sys.Prefs->Keyboard->Text to give me user-defined auto-corrections. One of the few niggles I have with Scrivener is that the auto-suggest option within Scrivener requres additional keystrokes/mouse movements that for me aren’t a help, rather they’re a hinderance which slows my typing since by and large I type with my nose.

Scrivener just uses the standard Mac text system, so all auto-corrections and auto-suggestions are consistent with most other Mac applications, including Apple’s own applications. For auto-suggestions, all you should need to do is hit Escape after you’ve started typing a word. You can change the preferences so that suggestions appear as you type, but I would think that would be more annoying to most users. Do you have “East”, “North” and such set up in your system preference auto-corrections, then?

Re the auto-suggestions, you have to look at the screen while typing; I don’t, I touch-type with my nose almost touching the keys at all times!

Compass points: no, they aren’t in there. Odd…