Why doesn't formatting change?

The formatting doesn’t change no matter what I set eg the Folder Title seems to be set at Bold and if I toggle Bold off it shows as normal (ie looks like format has changed) but if I close and re-open its back to bold again. The same thing happens with Containers & if I try and change the font, font size etc it just keeps reverting back to some default. Any compile does not have the changed formatting.

What am I doing wrong?

Could you clarify a bit where you’re changing the formatting and where you’re expecting to see the changes? Settings in the compile dialog will only affect the compiled output, so you won’t see any difference within the project. Changes you make in the compile dialog should save if you run the compile or if you choose to Save & Close the dialog, and will still be there even after closing and reopening the project. If you’re seeing different behaviour, could you provide some more details on the specific settings you’re using? There may be an issue with a particular font or other setting that’s triggering a bug. It could also just be a matter of setting the formatting in the correct place–you may for instance have adjusted the bold formatting for folders at level 2 in the binder hierarchy but if the folders your compiling are at level 1 (immediate children of the Draft folder), they won’t be affected.

I have attached an image of the problem. I go into Compile then Formatting of Folders (1). My folders only contain a Title but no text. I toggle off the bold in toolbar (3) but sample doesn’t change. Then do Save and Close (4). Now if I return to same spot the toolbar is back to bold (5).
Have also tried changing font from Courier New to Helvetica & font size.

Please could you also tell me how to match the front cover image size for a pdf. Say my paper size is A4 and I want first page to be the ebook cover - how do I know what size image to put on the cover page? How can I resize the image within Scrivener and how can I tell before compiling whether it fits correctly or not.
Appreciate the help. Thanks

OK, this looks right except there’s no selection, so that may just be the missing step. To change the formatting for an element in the compile window, you need to click into the sample text in the Modify dialog. For example, to change the title, click into the “Title” text to select it, then deselect the bold formatting. The different elements can be modified separately, hence the need to select the one you want to adjust.

Cover images for ebooks should be imported directly into the binder (anywhere outside of the Draft folder) and should use the recommended dimensions and resolution of whatever service you’re using. For instance, the Kindle Guidelines for a cover page request a JPG or TIFF image with a height/width ratio of 1.6.

If you’re creating a PDF, the image will need to be inserted into a document in the editor. For best quality, you’ll want to adjust the image dimensions in a graphics program before importing the image to Scrivener. This will give you better control over the size as well, since the dimensions will differ depending on the image resolution (a 200px x 200px image with a 72ppi resolution will be larger and lower quality than one with a 200ppi resolution). Page margins when compiling from Scrivener are set in the Page Settings tab of Compile, so just take those into account when determining the ideal size of your image.

I’d also recommend using the Edit > Insert > Image Linked to File option to insert the image in your project, which will allow you to use a lower-quality image as a placeholder while you’re working in the project, then easily swap it out for the high-quality image you’ll want to print with. This will also be the simplest option if you need to make refinements to the image in your graphics program, as you won’t need to continually re-insert the updated image into the project. The user manual (available from the Help menu) covers Linked Images in detail in section 15.5.2.

Thanks so much for simple explanation - all seems so logical now