Why doesn't my text word wrap?

I’m having trouble with Scrivener Mac showing my text past the right margin. It does not word wrap like I expect it to. It used to work properly but it seems like when I upgraded to Big Sur this behavior started.

Notice the number of words in the left outline, but it does not show it all in the right Editor area. Cancel the above since I’m not able to show a graphic in this message, so I will describe it.

On the left note listing it contains and shows all of the text in the little box: "This document extends past the right margin and will not word wrap. How can I do that even to show how to get it past the right. "

However, on the right Editor screen it only shows: “This document extends past the right margin and will not word wrap. How can” and the rest is cut off.

I changed the fonts, font sizes, typewriter mode but I’m not able to see more of the text. If I hit Return to create another paragraph, it will show as much text until hitting the right margin. This is how Word Wrap Off should behave, but I thought Scrivener did not support this, so I am confused.

Please helps.

Hello meebee and welcome to the forum.

You said you recently upgraded to MacOS Big Sur. Which version of Scrivener do you have installed on your Mac?

Does this issue only occur in existing documents in your project? Or, does it also occur if you add a new document?

Have you tested a new project to see if this issue happens there? Or, does this happen if you open the Interactive Tutorial and then click the green Plus mark and add a new document and some text in the Tutorial?

Knowing if this issue is limited to a single document, a single project, or happens in multiple projects could help us determine if project-specific changes are needed or if global settings in Scrivener need to be reviewed.

Thanks for your response. It turns out that after I rebooted my mac, it is now working properly. There was probably some weird state the system was in after the update.