Why have all my project files suddenly disappeared?

I have just opened Scrivener and discovered that all of my project files have completely disappeared. Why?? They were there a few days ago and now POOF, gone. Are they on my hard drive somewhere? PLEASE can anyone HELP?

Where are looking?

I have finally found my files on my hard drive. They are all in text and rich text format in my documents folder. I guess this is where the Scrivener back up system sends them. I had no idea I wasn’t supposed to save my files just within Scrivener. I have no idea why they were all kicked out of Scrivener suddenly. I am just glad to have found them!
Thanks, Amy :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Never store any of your documents inside the installation folder for any software; those folders can be completely wiped out when you update to a new version or an un-install (sometimes that’s necessary if you’re having issues).

I suggest you put all of your documents in the Documents folder, and make sure to back that folder up to some other external drive or service periodically, in case your computer crashes or hackers lock your system up and demand a ransom. I hear BackBlaze is a good online service for backing up your data.

On Windows 10 I save everything directly to OneDrive and let it sync across computers as well as live on Microsoft’s servers. It’s not a robust backup solution, but it’s better than nothing and even the free level is good enough for most Scrivener users.

No, it’s where you told Scrivener to save them.
When you say you couldn’t find them within Scrivener, were you then referring to the Recents… list in Scrivener?
Also, if you find text and .rtf files you are looking inside the projects. Don’t touch that. Just open rhe .scrivx file.

The backups are hopefully somewhere else. Not together with your live projects.