Why have TOC page numbers stopped working?

I have never had this problem before. I have a 120,000 word book. TOC worked fine. A 60,000 word book and page numbers worked fine. Suddenly, in my current book, when compiling to Word and to PDF it tells me that page numbers will need updating by Printing and Cancelling Print - that works but only for some pages. I don’t want to have to do that every time anyhow:
Screenshot 2023-04-04 at 19.57.54

What could I be doing wrong?

All other posts on this topic go back many years. Is there something simple that I may have accidentally changed or it is a new glitch?

That has always been a thing, and it has never been a Scrivener thing—that is just how most word processors work. They don’t update fields immediately because that can be a time-consuming process.

Note the Do not show this message again checkbox. My guess is you probably ticked that years ago which is why you’ve only recently seen it again. A new Mac, or having reset your preferences at some point, can cause these warnings you’ve dismissed to return.

Hi Amber…I have never had a problem with page numbers before. Ever. I have been working on the same book for 4 years and never seen this message until this new manuscript, an entirely different book. That’s why I’m confused and also slightly concerned that when I hand the 4 year manuscript to publishers next week that something is going to have changed

What I’m saying is that the page numbers have ALWAYS updated fine in the TOC and been visible as soon as I compile

As far as I’m aware most word processors have settings for updating fields on file load, so again if this is a new Mac, you might need to do some reconfiguration to get things back to where they were.

It’s nothing to be concerned about at any rate, it’s absolutely normal behaviour, as explained in the dialogue box.

This is not a new mac. Nothing has changed. It was simply a new project. It doesn’t feel entirely normal when it hasn’t happened to me ever before and no amount of reconfiguration changes it happening every single time I compile. It’s fine to have to go into Print and then press Cancel to configure the page numbers I guess but what is baffling is that I have never had to do it before and really hope I don’t have a problem when I compile my other bigger project.

Well like I said, I do believe there are settings in word processors for updating fields on load, and maybe that got switched off at some point.

Oh, only now do I understand what you mean. I will have a look…you mean in Word. Apologies, sometimes I’m such a luddite