Why I Gave Up Scrivener

I finally gave up. I have Scrivener, Scapple, and even Scrivener For Dummies. I tried and tried and tried to achieve cross-platform syncing. But I gave up for one reason: iPad. Without iPad support, I can’t use Scrivener. So after a great search, I discovered an alternative.
I found that Ulysses III on my mac, and Daedalus on my iPad and iPhone sync perfectly. Right now I have my mac, iPad and iPhone open at the same time, type an entry into one, and they all sync immediately, the way Scrivener should.
So now I can write anywhere, synced up. I saw that Scrivener was too complex for it’s own good.
I realized that I don’t need a bibliography or detailed footnotes, or links to references, just an outline and a place to write. Once you understand the stacks format of Daedalus, it works, seamlessly. I can set up character templates and all that stuff.
But I needed a corkboard. So I use Corkulous on the iPad, sync to the iPhone, but they have nothing for the Mac. Then I realized an important point in cross-platforming (I mean iOS to Mac, not Mac to Windows). I never have my mac when I am out with my iPad, but I always have my iPad when I am home with my mac, so I open Corkulous on my iPad, sit it next to Ulysses on my Mac and I have a dual screen. Can’t sync between my corkboard and my text, but I never really had to. I always kept switching between the corkboard and the text in Scrivener, so this actually saves a step.
I love Scrivener, but without iPad support, I have to put you on the shelf for now.
Apparently the iPad version is just not to be.
I thought the Scrivener group was all about writing, so why is their last blog entry from nine months ago? If they are writers, I would think you couldn’t get them to shut up.
I don’t want to sound mean here, because Scrivener and Scapple are great products, but they are just not up to speed.

I am not sure I understand your angst. I do use Scrivener on my MBP and use a number of text editors on my iPad to keep working on my Scrivener projects. Including Daedalus Touch

You don’t HAVE to use the same app in OSX and iOS, or apps written by the same coder. Indeed, while I’ll be happy to be a beta tester for the iOS version of Scrivener, I am not even sure I’ll use it when it comes out officially. Yet, I know I’ll be using Scrivener on OSX, and I’ll have plenty of options to keep working on those Scrivener projects on my iPad

Me too, unlike the OP I don’t consider the U3/Daedalus combination to be an alternative to Scrivener but as a complement: long articles/books in Scrivener, U3 for the blogs and shorter articles.

The aggressive complaining about the `lack’ of Scrivener for the iPad is dispiriting and unnecessary (wot? No Tinderbox for iPad? No Curio for iPad? No DTPro for iPad? - what are they thinking? Oh wait: there is a DTPro for the iPad and it was brought out too early under pressure, and it is really not very good, and it has made a lot of people unhappy).

I write in Scrivener on my iPad every day (sometimes U3, sometimes the new and very nice Editorial). Never a glitch. Plenty of advice about how that’s done - from Keith himself too - on these forums. Of course, you have to use your noddle and gather a few thoughts and not simply press a button in the App Store, but it’s not rocket science.

It’s a shame that your mobile computing preferences have precipitated a switch away from Scrivener, but it’s good that you’ve found a combination that works for you. But…

It’s not 'not to be’, it’s just not here yet. They are working on an eagerly awaited native iOS version, and as others faster of finger have written before me, there are ways to make MacScriv sync with other iOS apps.

Just make sure you check back in when the iOS version is released! :smiley:

My guess would be that they are working incredibly hard on other things, like getting the iOS version finished, continuing development on the desktop platforms, and of course providing some of the best customer service you’ll see in any industry.

Plus, if my memory serves me correctly, I think it has something to do with the Battlestar Galactica finale.

I was in the same boat last year regarding the iOS app as I wanted to be able to replace my MacBook Air for writing on the go. However, I was given several tips on how to sync files between my Mac and iPad mini via Dropbox, and since then, I haven’t had much of an issue.

I ended up going back to my Mac for writing in the meantime, but I do have my wallet ready for whenever the developers decide to release the iOS version.