Why I hate my iPhone

I love my Macbook Pro. It is the computer I had hoped it would be. Yet it sits idle from the minute I leave the office to the minute I get back to the office. Why? Because of my iPhone. Instead of using my mac for basic surfing, aligning schedules with snort, email, etc, I use my phone. I have even started using this odd substance called “paper” for writing (it is pretty forgiving, but not very editable if you use the wrong glyph render engine). I suddenly find myself wondering if I even need a computer for home. If it wasn’t for my use of moneywell for personal accounting I don’t know what else I would really need system for.

sigh I guess I am no longer a geek.

No longer a geek? Possible, but not likely.

A simple question: how many apps on your iPhone?
If you can answer that, then either you only have one screens worth (and hence never were a geek) or you have too many to actually load on your iPhone at once AND calculated the number of active apps rather than counting them (in which case you are, definitely, a geek). If you can’t answer it, then you probably tried to calculate all your apps, both active and inactive, and the fact that you have inactive apps in iTunes also proves you’re a geek.

If there remains any doubt, start using pen and paper exclusively for a while. If you start developing a hard to resist attraction to “special” pens and begin developing highly personalised paper “systems” to track your day, then no more evidence is needed - you are, and remain, a geek.

Apps on iPhone == 5. Darts, Dots, Sudoku, Remote, Multiconvert.
Number of pages == 2.
Main page contains only “what I need”. Maps, contacts, calendar, Multiconvert, Notes)
Main bar has phone, safari, mail and ipod.

And I have not jail broken the phone.

I already have a request in for that Pule Smartpen. Mostly for work. For home … I wish I still had my old parker fountain pen. Never wrote anything worth reading with it (other than letter the then not mrs) but it sure made pretty lines on the paper.

Depends on if you refer to your iPhone as an “iphone” or as a “Newton 2.0”

Nice to see you back feather duster. Hope all is well.

I not have my pulse pen. How the heck did I survive with out this? the OCR package (an extra third party app) is actually pretty good. I have yet to try the winblows versions as the only feature that I see as useful is the ability to print paper. Considering that I have more than I need now, they may have that added to the mac desktop before I actually need it.

At least the pen requires the Mac for OCR. I find the animation for playback on the mac nice too. I didn’t realize how much my meager brain disassociated the actual notes from the real point in time of the conversation. This explains why I failed spanish so terribly.

Ahh, the winged wassack! Welcome back, y` fluttering freak.

I trust all is well, with thee and thyne?

Take care Wuck

All is well now. For awhile now my wife and I have had to suffer through a series of unfortunate events but alas all is well for now. :slight_smile:

Now if I can only find where I left my pants…

before version 3.0, I was horrified to discovered that I could only have 9 pages of apps on my iphone. It was a really low point in my life.

I can well imagine! :open_mouth:

I’ve only had my iPhone for a few days and I love it dearly. Of course, I haven’t managed to make it do anything yet but still…

:open_mouth: The mind doth boggle!

boggle your mind with the “massage” app.

…if only…if only :frowning:

although what I’d like most is an “orgasmatron” which the iphone simply can’t replicate!

wots an orgas matron? A farty old woman?

God help that one guest! :frowning:

Orgasmatron on the cheap.

A picture of your nightstand?

it’s for your HEAD!

For pity`s sake, remove this before MM sees it!! :open_mouth: