Why I love Scrivener

Hi folks. I’m a California high school teacher. Consequently, I don’t get a lot of time for my writing. That said, Scrivener helped me get more work done on my novel project in four days than I’d done in the previous three months.

The ability to use the corkboard and the Inspector pane for notes has helped me clarify issues, get characters sorted out, and revise a scene that was bugging me. The ability to import reference docs and see them in a second pane has made organizing myself SO much easier.

As a totally unimportant aside, the fact it was written by a Londoner (which somehow became obvious while reading the tutorial) helped me exercise my Anglophile tendencies by supporting the program.

If this thing ever gets published, Keith’s getting a plug somehow.

Thanks, Keith!

Thanks! I’m glad Scrivener is helping with your novel - good luck with it!

All the best,

P.S. Actually I’m a Londoner no longer, as I moved to Cornwall a few months ago.

Perhaps it’s time to change your location on the forum? :wink:

That’s nothing, I moved to another country and still haven’t changed mine…