Why I write Early Drafts with a Manual Typewriter

Well, don’t thank me till you find what works for you. Grin. Just keep in mind, these are 60+ year old machines, shipped long distances, so expect more adventure than you might like.

Hahahaha, yes certainly! I am currently using an IBM Model M keyboard as my main keyboard and have to maintain it pretty well. Can’t imagine the maintenance of a typerwriter but it will certainly be a rewarding process!

As things stand, our family of six typers (with me being the main writer, but we homeschool), we will have Olympia SM2, Voss ??-24, Princess 300, and Hermes (Rocket/Baby), which will give plenty of redundancy to keep writing when one needs attention, which hopefully won’t be too often. My delustions of one machine were quickly shattered by multiple users and the reality that if this is my standard work flow, I want a back up. Grin.


Oh that would be a horror if multiple users used one machine. It’s like giving your one precious fountain for 10 different people to borrow. It would put quite a lot of stress on the machine. Especially when you actually rely on it. I think as an individual writer with no need of sharing with anybody, I think it will be a good investment to get different size typewriters. Such as the Olympia SM2 is perfect for at home/work and the Princess 300 is suitable for traveling and in small spaces. Getting small parts for repairs and good quality typewriter ribbon is quite difficult. It was a mistake to ask a friend of mine for recommendations for typewriters. She gave me a link for typewriters on Etsy and I was too stunned to reply. It will take some time for me to find a seller who is trustworthy. I have found someone in Melbourne who owns a typewriter shop, apparently the last one in Australia or something.

Will try to visit that place when I get the oppourtiny.

In person would be ideal, with the right place.

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I use a typewriter for first drafts when the topic is challenging or when the weather is good—or both. Fresh air and no distractions,

I’ll then dictate my prose into Scrivener and edit accordingly. Dictation fools me into thinking that I’m not writing the same material twice, and speaking the words helps me check for clarity and pithiness. Method works well for me.

For those interested, the typewriter horses in the stable include: Lettera 32, Olympia SM8, Smith Corona Model 5 and Skyriter