Why is compile not compiling the whole document


I am a long term, very long term, Word user. But had run into problems dealing with so many options for where to put things in a long document. Opening individual files wasn’t working well and formatting alterations you would make, later you would notice had done so elsewhere too; or failed to do so.

Scrivener is so much better for getting things organised and not cramming your mind with thoughts of which file you had written something in.

But I want a set up which could end up being several dozen sections and hundreds of paragraphs long. I am not concerned with section numbering but I do want an auto numbered set up so when compiled you start on file 1, end on file 50, or whatever and if there are 400 paragraphs in the document each to be numbered 1 to 400.

I used <$n> for auto numbering and it works better than hoped. But since doing this, I never get a full document compilation. It may leave off the last two files completely. I have tried removing all the occurences of the placeholder but I am still losing files on compile. Never middle files but those set at the bottom of my draft binder.

Paragraph auto-numbering on compilaton has never managed to get past 91. Is there a numeric limit on the number of paragraphs Scrivener will compile, at which point it drops the rest of the document.

I want to do it all as one document. It is likely to be 60 to 80 pages long. Paragraph numbering are for signposting and reference reasons for its intended audience. I really don’t want to have to go numberless.

All I can think of doing is breaking it down. Finding a way of referencing that is easy enough but based on large sections rather than the whole document. Maybe 400 paragraphs in one document (failing) would work as ten sections of 40 paragraphs with no compiling issues.

Any help appreciated. I’m cutting my teeth on this document and it is both important and urgent to finish it. I definitely won’t be going back to word to get it done. I just hope someone knows what is going on.

Thank you
I have to say, how can a pretty cheap piece of software, do what it does, have the forum and documentation to put Microsoft Word to shame. It is stupendous.

Since it seems you are describing a bug I’ve moved your post to the Windows section.

And to that end, it would help to know how you are doing all of this. If I were doing this, I would use Section Layouts to assign a special style to my paragraphs, and set up the Styles compile format pane to prefix <$n:para> to each paragraph (the part on the end ensures this counter only counts paragraphs and doesn’t interfere with other counters).

Another thing to consider is that there is different issue going on than the numbers. Since you mention removing them and the problem persisting, it may be worth looking into the two sections that aren’t compiling. Do they not compile if you temporarily move them to the front of the draft?

Hi Amber,

I have now tried moving all docs into one level under the main draft binder. They still have issues on compile to PDF, but not to .docx so I can get around it this way. This is a time relevant issue at the moment. So as long as it works. I can learn Scrivener later.

I do find it generally easier to view and keep track of everything when it is in the binder window, rather than creating so many separate files in Word, Wordpad, Notepad or whatever. The main thing I wanted was the paragraph numbering. I can get it to work, so for now, I’m good.

Many thanks.

Before I go off thinking all is fine. Is there a limit to the

or straight <$n> autonumbering. 100 paragraphs, 500, unlimited?

Thank you

Okay, glad to hear you’ve found a way around the problem for now! Once you get some time to spare, I’d be happy to help trace down the issue further, as it seems like we have a bug to fix.

…or straight <$n> autonumbering. 100 paragraphs, 500, unlimited?

None that I’m aware of—perhaps extremely high numbers may cap out, depending on how they programmed the counter. But by extremely high, I’d be thinking somewhere in the neighbourhood of at least 65,536.

Here is a test project (578kb; Zip) that I put together quickly to demonstrate correct counting up to 2,000 paragraphs, and it also by the way illustrates the solution I was describing above. As you can see, the nice thing about this approach is that the numbering is all in the compile settings—you can switch over to another Format if you don’t want them in seconds. A lot easier than having them all typed in. To see how it works, double-click the format to edit it, and in Section Layouts, see how the “Text Only” layout is overriding the text formatting, and setting the text to use the “Body” style. Over in the Styles pane, you can see where Paragraph prefix is used to insert the numbering placeholder itself.

So like I say, it is likely something other than numbering that is the problem here. Maybe a rogue special character in one of the files that is breaking the PDF output. I would track down where it fails, go to that file in the binder where it breaks, select all of the text, and use the Edit ▸ Text Tidying ▸ Zap Gremlins command, to see if that’s the issue. If it gets a little further into the document, then try again at the new break point.

As soon as I get chance I will try it. As said, totally new to this and I am, as yet, less than knowledgeable about the compile window; esp sections; structure, heading etc.

Because its a personal doc I can’t upload that directly. I may find a way of keeping one that messes up. Change all the text to garbage ipsum text and see what you make of it. I may also double check it isn’t something with foxit pdf viewer not just doing its job.

I was finding it dropping sections and part of a section at between 20 to 30 pages; so 65k of paragraphs isn’t the issue. Its a pity because Scrivener is a real eye opener as to what is out there, to someone limited to Word or Open Office Writer.

It will likely be a newbie error and nothing more. Things have worked more smoothly after I took any sub directories out and left it run with Draft and then everything below it at same level. Possible with my document, but not if you had 30 chapters and a few hundred minor sections. I’ve been spending as much time though trying to work out how to get it working as writing. Happy days though.

Thanks again
Thanks again.

all i did was a find and replace for <$n> with nothing as replacement. But as said, for PDF, still wouldn’t work. Why it works for docx I haven’t the foggiest