Why is the Manual rotated left?

It’s extremely annoying that if I click “User Manual”, it comes up rotated left 90 degrees. Furthermore, I don’t see an obvious way to rotate the entire thing – I can do one page, but all the rest of the pages are still wrong.

I can find a guide to select a bunch of pages and rotate them, but that’s not what I want; I want them ALL. Is there something I’m missing here? This can’t be that hard.

What PDF viewer are you using? The manual is fine for me in Preview.


it’s Apple Preview: Version 10.0 (944.5)

In Preview:

  1. Press CMD OPT 2 to show all thumbnails

  2. Select one thumbnail so that the sidebar has focus, and then press CMD A to select all the thumbnails

  3. Press CMD R to rotate all pages to the right, or press CMD L to rotate all pages to the left

Or possible to download a new manual from:

literatureandlatte.com/lear … ser-guides

thanks, that worked.