Why is this happening?

Sorry for being so obtuse but I don’t understand how this happened or how to fix it.

I have just finished and published a novel called L.A. BAD - Written using Scrivener,
I am currently writing my second novel called FAT and SKINNY - Using Scrivener.
I just misused the Find and Replace feature (that will teach me not to keep going when exhausted)
and had to do a major search and replace to fix wrongly replaced words.

The crazy thing is - once the issue was fixed in Fat and Skinny - L.A. BAD showed up as part of the Fat and Skinny manuscript and Find and Replace wanted to keep searching L.A. Bad

What the heck is going on? How did the two manuscripts end up as the same document?

I need a double Tequila… help.

Did you create your own project template based on L.A. BAD? If so, you might have failed to empty the trash after removing text files from your template.

Otherwise, you’d have had to import L.A.Bad into your F&S project, or at least dragged the compiled document back in somewhere.

Where in your project is LA Bad showing up?

If I have ‘Novel Master’ selected in my Fat and Skinny (F&S) Binder and I go to Quick Search and type in a word - the menu drops down with all the places that word shows up in F&S.
If I scroll to the last (F&S) entry the list continues with L.A. Bad selections.

If I now look at the left side of the Header above my main page there are Left and Right arrows. The left arrow brings up F&S and clicking the Right arrow brings up L.A. Bad.

Note: I just realized the version of LA Bad that appears is my Paperback Conversion.

Obviously, I have inadvertently incorporated this version of LA Bad into my manuscript and didn’t notice it until now because it does not appear in the binder.

All this said, I guess the big question is how do I get rid of it?


You can use the Navigate → Reveal in Binder command to figure out exactly where it is. Then you can use Documents → Move To → Trash to get rid of it. (And Project → Empty Trash to remove it permanently.)

I would advise making sure you have another copy in a better location first.

For future reference, it’s not a bad idea to use File → Backup → Backup Now to create an extra backup before embarking on major changes.

Thanks fixed.

It was buried in an obscure folder in the trash.

Sleeping with the fishes now.