Why is this program still demanding a valid registration when it's registered and valid?

Is the validator so stupidly programmed that it can’t determine a valid registration from an invalid? Shouldn’t your validator automatically determine that the software is registered? Why must it keep asking and asking and asking for a valid registration number? Doesn’t the validator KNOW that the program is registered and the registration number is valid?

Who wrote such software? Are they complete morons?

Is there no other validator available? Obvs not, or you’d no doubt be using it by now.

Are you asked to register Scrivener each time you open it?

I have the same problem, yes, it’s asking for the registration code each time.

I am on “Version: - 14 Nov 2019”.

Randomly I get asked to re-enter my license. When it happens, it happens to both Scrivener and Scapple. When will this stop?

Open a support ticket with L&L – they don’t deal with licensing issues in the forum in order to comply with privacy requirements.

There is a bug being tracked in the underlying Paddle licensing code that can cause this issue. Version has some workarounds that are supposed to help while Paddle addresses their code for the long-term, but I don’t know if the 1.9.x branch has received any sort of update (or if there are any plans to.) At the very least, contacting support should allow you to work out whether this is the same bug or if there is something else going on with you that can be resolved.