Why is your name in my story?

I just made an ePub from a short story now that I’ve purchased the software. For the life of me I can’t understand why my Adobe editions says “Short Story and Keith Blount” on it and my ePub in my iPhone says same? How do I fix this? Clearly I’m doing something wrong.

Ahahahaha. Because in the “short story” custom compile settings the epub meta-data includes the author name as a variable and it’s coming up as Keith. :wink: So in your Compile settings, you can fix that by going to the proper tab (“Meta-Data”) and deleting his name and putting in yours.

That’s maybe fixable for 2.0.3…?

I have compile settings?

Thanks! Will go check 'em out.

Mais oui. If you’re not seeing them, click the disclosure button to the right of the “format as” dropdown in your Compile window and you will see a magical and revolutionary world of many, many tweakable preferences.

Note on the meta-data–I’d check that for any epubs you do from a packaged template, as I suspect others will have this same default of the creator’s name in there, saved from the template creation.

Dear MM:

You are mind reader.

Thank you for your help.

Whoa. This is some cool software and community.



Heh. Glad I could help. It is a fantastic community and incredible software.

The compile options can get a little overwhelming, so definitely check out the manual chapter 25 for an explanation on all your options. Sounds like except for this little hiccup you got everything you wanted with the basic settings, so that’s good; you can just play around with the different options to see what’s available and how things work.

Welcome to Scrivener and the forums!

There’s a manual!!!???! Chapter 25?!? Whaaaaaattttttt?! Wow! This is serious software! :mrgreen:

(erm, where do I find the manual?)

Haha. Help>Scrivener Manual. :slight_smile: Also check out Help>Interactive Tutorial if you haven’t.

Thanks again MM.
Thank manual sure comes in handy! It’s like having a map on a roadtrip!

Oops! Thanks, I’ll go through all the templates and ensure my name doesn’t appear anywhere for 2.0.3.

All the best,

Really? I thought this was your method of becoming a recognized, published author in every field of expertise, hence making your every word, spoken or written, of greater value than the sum of all knowledge.

At least that sounded like a great idea.

Drat, you sussed it. :slight_smile:

I believe you are supposed to be doing something else right now. Don’t make me sic vic-k-y on you.

Yes, Keith’s strategy for finishing that novel is now abundantly clear. The devil!


P.S. I am now working on a short story entitled, “Short Story and Keith Blount”.

::cough:: Or anyone else’s name, for those that might have been contributed by people who foolishly forgot to delete that…

Side note, might it be helpful to add a note about that in the manual under creating project templates or on the site if there’s ever a specific thread for sharing templates? For most cases just creating templates for yourself to use it won’t matter, presumably, but for posting and sharing it could become an issue, particularly since people may not realize that the template’s saving their full name in there. So a note suggesting that the creator delete that before sharing the template might not be amiss.

How do I pre-order?

Actually I think it would be better if these things just got wiped from templates, and have added a note to my “To do” list along those lines.

(Yes, on holiday!)

Erm, yes, definitely. Ignore me. For some reason I was thinking…yeah, I really don’t know what I was thinking. So often true.

To quote Humperdink’s former magician’s wife

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