Why No Copy Button for the Editor?

I noticed that there is a Paste button and a Copy Font button available for the editor, but I’m curious. Why is there no Copy button? That seems like a necessary and basic addition.

Another button that would be nice, that I use a lot in my text editor NoteTab Pro and that is the Select All button.

I think these would be important additions to the next upgrade.


Certainly should be easy to add, but the right click context menu has a copy option which I find easier than having to move the pointer up to the toolbar.

Also, just personally, I always remove cut, copy, paste, and select all choices if those are on my toolbar. I figure that they are just wasting space since Ctrl X,C,V, and A work in every windows program and I find them quicker than mousing around.

Just me.


Copy and Paste are pretty standard these days, and I expect that most computer users know to use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Copy Font is not standard and I wouldn’t know the key combination for that, so I’m glad that’s on the toolbar, but I guess it wouldn’t surprise me if Copy or Paste were not.

I’m at work right now and haven’t checked for myself, but see in the options if you’re able to add the Copy button to the toolbar.

Doug and Dretzle,

You both are making an assumption that others think and work the same. That is simply not true. I don’t think I’m the only one who uses my mouse a lot. Sorry, but we’re not all alike. It’s a reality of life.


People do work differently, and the hardest thing to adapt is shortcuts (whether you’re used to clicking a button or using a cntl-whatever to do it). As an example, when I was trying to switch to a Dvorak keyboard layout, things like cntl-x were the hardest thing to relearn–it was in my muscle memory for a particular action to do a particular thing.


I was wondering why the OP didn’t just use the Tools>Customize Toolbar option to add what they want to the toolbar. A quick check, however, didn’t show “copy” as an option you could add. “Cut,” yes, but not copy. Weird.

So I suggest that the Customize options include all the possible options, or at the very least, the ability to design a button we can map a function to.


I wasn’t intending to say my way was right or there wasn’t another way to do things. That’s fine. I also use a lot of GUI options. Ctrl+C/X/V/B/I are about the only shortcuts I use.

What I did mean to say was that it Ctrl+C/X/V is very common practice, very common practice, to the point that I can understand why, given limited screen real estate, they would choose to leave off something like Copy, especially if they had a near replacement like Cut, in their defaults.

Hence, I suggested that you look at the Customize Toolbars options to add Copy. Now that I’m at my home computer to check it out myself I see that there is no Copy option in Customize Toolbars, that, I agree, is a problem and they should add that to the list of non-default options that users can add to their toolbars.

Sorry if it seemed like I was saying that everyone should work the same as I. That was certainly not my intent. I was merely trying to point out that, until copy gets added, there are other methods which work well. Especially nice is the fact that the context menu has copy, so that those who are mouse inclined do have a very convenient mouse choice.

No Problem Doug,

We all seem to agree that the more options available to users the better, precisely because we all work differently.


Just a note to let everyone know I’ve seen this and I’ll see what we can do.