Why Scrivener is such a great program

I write academic books and essays, and have always relied on the very clunky Microsoft Word. (I still need to use Word for final word processing, fine-tuning notes and bibliographies etc.) But Scrivener is just terrific when it comes to the whole process from brainstorming an idea, taking notes on relevant literature, and finally giving the whole thing a shape. Psychologically, Scrivener is particularly brilliant, for just by using it I feel reassured that “this is just a draft”, “you can always change it later”.

I like Scrivener just as it is. But if future versions are to come, I would like to be able to do more with footnotes and bibliography (in conjunction with Endnote) before exporting to the dreaded Word.

The more I use Scrivener, the better I think it is!

Thank you!!

If you are not forced to use Word you should give Mellel a shot. It works EXTREMELY well with Bookends which can, as far as I know, import data from Endnote. And Bookends also works with Scrivener. The three make a very good team for academic texts (with just a few things missing on Mellel’s side).

Both programs are available as trial versions and as a special combo offer.