Why show the mobile sync button to Windows users?

Well, I have just updated Scrivener and was mildly suprised to see a mobile sync button. But I was immediately annoyed to learn that this is only useful for iOS/Mac-Users still. So why was this “mouthwatering” button implemented when it is of no use to Windows and Android users?

Because the Windows version does sync with iOS devices?

Okaaayyy … hope to can use it in the future, too. :smiley:


Syncing with iOS is implemented for Windows now.

Have a look at the user guide, chapter 12.


If you also have an iOS device, no need to hope for the future–just set it up according to the iOS Scrivener tutorial right now! If you want to sync to other Windows computers, just install dropbox and move your projects (that’s the .scriv folder and all its contents, not just the .scrivx file) into the Dropbox folder. The sync button has never been needed for that kind of synchronization, and still isn’t used for that purpose.

No, I don’t have an iOS device - would I have otherwise asked?

So why was your mouthwatering in your original post?

I’m not sure. You seem to be annoyed that the button doesn’t accomplish anything for Windows users, but it absolutely does if you have an iOS device too.

If you mean to say, in some future where there is an Android version of Scrivener, if that button will work for those projects as well, then yes—of course, we aren’t going to have two different buttons depending the device you use. :laughing: The process that button triggers is purely based upon data found in the project on the disk. The iOS version happens to be the only program that has sufficient technology to produce that data at this point in time, but in theory one who was sufficiently well-versed in the project format’s particulars could reproduce these content edits with nothing more than a coding text editor (the same can be said for the entire project format itself) and a lot of spare time, then come back to Scrivener, click the sync button, and see their carefully designed addenda merged into the project proper.