Why So Long to Finish v. 3?

Really, I don’t understand. This has been in development 4 years. Star Citizen has been in development 12 years and I don’t think the scale of these projects is EVEN CLOSE! I have given up hope…

Oh boy… You are going to be eaten alive.

Have you tried the beta? I’m guessing not as it is pretty much a full release program, we just haven’t been asked to pay yet.

The beta has been usable, to some extent at least, for more than 3 years. It’s just not quite perfect yet.

Kinda comparing apples with pears, though.

Star Citizen has had over $350 million of funding since it first appeared [on kickstarter] nine years ago, and $50 million of that came within the last nine months. People are throwing money at them for a project that’s still at the Alpha stage. They are getting paid for their project regardless of whether or not it actually ever sees an official final release, which we all know that it probably won’t. Because for all its prettiness, there isn’t much of a game there - much like Elite Dangerous and No Man’s Sky. Who knew an entire universe could be so bloody boring, eh? :smiley:

Meanwhile, Scrivener Beta (or RC, as it’s now called but that’s for another discussion) is free - completely. While development is ongoing, nobody is asking you for a penny, yet the developers still have bills to pay. Are L&L even working fulltime on Scrivener? Who knows? The might all have day jobs to make ends meet because software development without any form of financial reward certainly isn’t going to keep the bailiffs at bay.

I’m almost certain, coming from a programming background, that had Scrivener received $350,000,000 in kickstarter funding enabling them to hire a full-blown team of software developers, their eyes propped open 24/7 with matchsticks, then the project would have been complete in a matter of months.

But this isn’t Cloud Imperium, it’s L&L.

We only eat the rude ones, and then only after they’ve been slow-roasted to reduce the bitter aftertaste.

To be honest, i also would like to have a non-beta release of v3, but i think, it’s done when it’s done. After stirring up confusion with previous announcements, it is better to drop some updates than to tell everyone:

Version 3 will be available in fall.

Which leads only to the obvious followup-question:

WHICH fall …

So L&L take your time, think a lot…

My concern with the “use the beta” advice is simple: risk. I’m willing to use a beta that is regarded by the developer, and the community, as stable and reliable for professional projects. I can’t afford to use one that isn’t.

The last time I checked the beta was still accompanied by “use at your own risk” warnings. I haven’t seen a consensus from the user community that it was safe to use without risk of data loss. I also found when I tried it that the two versions don’t coexist peacefully on my system. The fact that installing the beta crippled my ability to run the stable version only made the perception of risk worse. That’s why I’m still on Scrivener 1.9x.

So let me ask the user community here: has this changed? Are you using the beta for critical projects for which data loss would be catastrophic, and confident enough in it that needing to be able to run 1.9x as a fallback isn’t an issue for you? Do the two coexist now, and are Scriv3 Windows beta projects backward compatible with 1.9x?

If there’s a consensus here that the beta’s “prime time” enough for all that, then I will seriously consider upgrading to it. I hope, though, that everyone here understands that whether the beta can be relied on as stable actually matters.

A “Release Candidate” is intended to be feature complete and stable in all known respects.

This does not mean bug free – there’s really no such thing – but it does mean that the remaining bugs should not impede your ability to do real, billable work with the software.


I and many others have been using the beta for over a year (some for longer) with zero data issues. I believe the disclaimer is standard ‘cover your arse just in case’.

As Katherine says it’s on RC and according to the developers, almost there.

No the files aren’t backward compatible with 1.9 though you can export to, not that you’ll need to.

Released today. No longer waiting? :mrgreen: