Why the larger Scrivener file?

I got a new computer last month and installed a more recent version of Scrivener. The novel I’m working on right now is 11 MB (that’s the folder size) while my other novels are only around 3 to 4 MB (I haven’t worked on these lately). Why the size difference? All the novels are roughly around 75,000 words to 85,000 words. I’m thinking it’s the snapshots. There are a lot more of these. I’m also working back and forth between Scrivener and ProWritingAid, so maybe that’s creating more snapshots. Is it safe to delete some of the snapshots? Should I just accept that the project folder will be 11 MB?

What are the Scriv version numbers, old and new?

Yes, having a lot of snapshots can bloat a project significantly. If you have a 1000 word document with 3 snapshots, Scrivener is essentially storing 4 copies of the document.

Is it “safe” to delete snapshots? From Scrivener’s point of view, sure. It doesn’t care how many snapshots you keep. The question is whether you need the revision history that the snapshots provide.