why there are characters missing when I transform my Scrivener-files from Windows to Mac?

when I transform some of my Scrivener-files written in French & Germny from Windows to Mac, there are some characters missing, and all those missing characters are behind special characters such as : ä ö ü ß. For example, if there is a word “schwärmte” in my Windows-file, it will become “schwämte” when the file is transformed into Mac-file, the character “r” which is just behind ä (a special character) has been lost. This is not a single case, all characters behind those special ones (ä ö ü ß) have been missing. This has been a headache for me, because I am migrating from Windows to Mac lately, and I need to transform all those files I’ve produced on Windows into Mac-files, and all those missing characters have make this transition impossible. Please check if there are any problems in your file-transformation-program. Thanks a lot!

Have you checked if this could be font related? Are you using the same font on both platforms?

If not, try a widespread (though dreadful) Unicode font like Arial on both machines and see if that makes any difference.

Yes, it is font-related just like what you’ve said. I was using font "Microsoft YaHei” to write with Scrivener on Windows, after I’ve changed font form to Arial, there are no character missing any more. But there are too many files written with "Microsoft YaHei” font on my computer, and to manually change font on every page and all footnotes is a too time-consuming work.

can you tell me how to deal with this problem? is there a way to batch-process all pages and comments&footnotes into a new font?

I found there is no "Microsoft YaHei” font on my Mac, but even after I’ve added "Microsoft YaHei” to macOS system and convert files from Windows again, character-missing problem is still there. Is there a way to fix this problem by change some elements in macOS system?

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I went to an old project, selected the top level “Manuscript” heading which displayed all the text in scrivenings mode. Then selected all the text using Command+a and selected a different font, which promptly converted all the text to that new font.

It would mean opening every project, but it changed the font in the whole manuscript.


Instead of picking a font you could use Document/Convert/Text to Default formatting…. If the correct Unicode default font is set before, that is.

Yes, on MacOS we can display multi-pages in scrivings mode and use Commad+a to select all words and then change font. But unfortunately, when we display multi-pages in scrivings mode on Windows and use Ctrl+a to select, we can’t select all text, what we can get is just one text selected. This has drove me crazy before, because it seems like we can’t edit multiple texts at the same time on Windows version Scrivener. I still don’t know how to select all texts in scrivings mode with one commad order on Windows. Can you teach me about this issue?

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thanks, this information is very useful for me.

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If I remember correctly, you can’t at this time, due to a fairly deep limitation in the text system provided by the Qt framework that the Windows version relies on. If you need more details than that, head on over to the Windows forums (or better yet, the Windows Beta forum) and read up on it there.

Thanks for your patience. In that case I guess I’d have to leave some of my old projects in my Windows computer.

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