Why were the snapshots of not included in backup?

I recovered a project and none of the snapshots were recovered. How do I include them in the backup and recovery. This was from the backup file on my computer.

They certainly should be included, as the backup feature makes a copy of the entire project before turning into a single .zip file (by default). I believe the only file it intentionally excludes is the “user.lock” file, that indicates the project is currently open. Snapshots themselves are stored in the main project folder, under “Snapshots”. It would thus help to know more of your backup and restoration procedure.

The official guides for this can be found in §5.2 of the user manual PDF. Restoration specifically is documented in §5.2.3.

So I should use the zip feature for backup, I take it. I will follow up with the Official guide.

It’s not necessary to do so, but it does make things a lot simpler, particularly if you are storing and retrieving backups from an online service. You only have to upload or download one single file, whereas a Scrivener project that isn’t compressed can be hundreds, even thousands of individual files. Some online services make fetching intact folders a bit awkward, and some will even .zip them anyway for the download.