Why won't collections sort in proper order?

When I select a few documents (scenes) in my binder and save them to a collection, the scenes in the collection appear in a random order rather than the order they were in my binder. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any guidance.

I’ll have to double-check on this when I get on Windows, but the document order in static collections (the kind you make by just selecting documents and dumping them into a collection) should be according to the order in which you put them in the collection. In the previous beta this didn’t work properly and items in collections always stayed in the order they appeared in the binder, which significantly reduced the value of arbitrary collections since the ability to try out different organizations is one of their key features. You should now be able to reorder the items in the collection in any order you like (so you can put them in binder order if you want).

That said, and again I need to check on this on Windows so apologies if it’s incorrect, you ought to be able to select a group of items and add them to a collection and have that group appear in the collection in the same order (and then you can move them around if you want).

I’ve double-checked this and this is a bug. I’m therefore moving this to the bug reports section of the forum and I’m making a note of this one in my own notes too.