Gmail just reloaded and there is now a little bell icon for notifications instead of the normal square that used to be in the upper right corner. And it has a face. And it talks.


Miss Jennifer,
It’s the Google Bells&Whistles Syndrome. Possibly inspired by poor little abandoned, MS Paperclip.

As if clippy weren’t annoying enough…

Trust me, you don’t want to see me with the smiling, happy bell before I’ve had any coffee.

:open_mouth: Saints preserve us all!!! NO WAY!! :open_mouth:

The worst part is that it looks like some little WiiU character, and so whenever I see it I hear it in my head with an annoying high-pitched giggle. Aauuggh!

Before I’ve had any caffeine? it needs killin’.

Huh. I’ve learnt something today: Apparently there are still people who use their web browser to check email - I thought that was apocryphal.

Out of curiosity, I used gmail in a browser to see. Disappointed to learn that Belle only talks when you click on her - then when she closes her eyes and swings side to side. However, although meant to be silent, I swear I could hear evil electronic giggling reverberating through the interwebs.

I’ve long pondered whether Google will become Skynet. The evidence is mounting…

Farbeit for me to start something, but yer all dru uhhhh,

I have nine of the aforementioned googley email thingies, and I don’t see any bells nor whistles in my email accounts. Is this in general release yet?

Hmm, this would appear to be a severe case of Google fetishism.
As the ship’s psychiatrist, I strongly recommend a course of counselling.

Do take care
Dr. Mulality

No. Not nine. Nine.

Oh, wait. It’s something called Google+. I don’t use that abomination. Sorry for the flogging.

Blaaaargh. I don’t like Google+ but I was driven to it, like Facebook years ago, because all the photos from an event were shared there and I caved because I wanted to see them. :confused:

Using the browser is the whole point. :stuck_out_tongue: Although Google is doing its darnedest to make me run away, the way it keeps changing the interface and introducing “features”.