Width of 'quick search and targets'

Scrivener running on Windows 10 home (19045).

Is it possible to adjust the width of the ‘quick search’ field that can be added to the main toolbar?

Thanks in advanced.

This ?

To my knowledge, no.

Not entirely sure from the screenshot - it’s the thing you type into and it shows a dropdown list of matching documents.

They’re both the same thing, btw.

If it can be adjusted, I’ve yet to see anyone who knows how to do it.

You can move it left or right, if you don’t want to see it so much, though.

Or you can remove it all together, and call on it using the shortcut.
Edit/Find/Quick Search

Yes, that’s what I thought. I noticed it changed size on its own depending on how many other items were on the toolbar and thought there might be a hidden way to manually adjust it.

Perhaps, but I am not sure and don’t want to mess up my setup, but I think that if you are patient enough to add 10+ gaps everywhere you already have a gap, if it occupies a % of the space, you might be able to force it to shrink.

If you add the same number of gaps everywhere you currently have a gap, it should make no difference to your toolbar other than that. (If it even works.)