Wifi (not cloud) sync, Document Notes, and more

I’m so glad to hear this is happening. I will use this on both an iPad and an iPod Touch. What I’d like to see on both devices, in rough priority order:

  • Syncing (obviously) - With the option to keep my .scriv files in Dropbox and have them appear in the app, but also with the option to keep my .scriv files wherever I want on my computer and sync them over wifi directly to the Scrivener app (this is how Docs to Go can work). I don’t particularly like being forced to put things in the cloud just to share them between two physical devices that I own.

  • Bonus points if that wifi sync would let me sync to Scrivener on two different computers (which have totally different sets of scriv files on them, one of which can’t go into Dropbox because it’s for my dayjob) - again, see Docs to Go for an example.

  • Inspector pane - at least the ability to view and edit the synopsis, label, status, and document notes. (The lack of document notes is a huge issue for me in PlainText.)

  • Binder with hierarchical view. PlainText lists files in a flat list, which is a little annoying especially projects with a lot of documents. I’d like to be able to tell what’s a folder and what’s a file and what’s inside what. And with label color tinting.

  • Outline view would be nice, but isn’t necessary to me. It would need to have customizable columns like the desktop version does to be useful for me.

  • I have no need to see all three of binder, inspector, and the document at the same time, or even two of them (esp. on the iPod). But getting to the inspector and back to my document should be easy.

Dream features that I don’t expect you to implement:

  • A Dvorak keyboard, since Apple has so far refused to include one :slight_smile:

This!! Seconded extremely hard. Pretty pretty please?

For what it’s worth, iCloud actually does sync over wifi as well…

Each file has a tiny metadata file which is syncd first, devices logged into iCloud on the same network will directly transfer updates of the data to each other as well as to the cloud - the meta file gets sent first.

Thus you don’t have to upload to the cloud on one device before it can be downloaded to the other.

It’s a common misconception I thought might be worth sharing. I know it still leaves the fact you need an iCloud account to make use of this.