Wiki has been hacked

I haven’t ever used a Wiki so I don’t know how to clean it up.

But if Keith or Jaysen or Amber or anyone else comes along and knows what to do, please clean up the Main Page on the Wiki. It has been hacked with links to what may be unsavoury content (I am not game to click the links at work to match them with the description).


Arrggh! Thanks Matt. This is driving me nuts - it keeps getting hacked. These guys are scum - hacking useful wikis with their pathetic links. I’ve made it so that you have to enter a code to edit pages, so I really don’t know how this happened this time. If anyone has any suggestions for how better to protect it, I’d be grateful.
Thanks again,

Protection is easy: jail spammers and scammers for 20 years or the like, for severely damaging the information infrastructure. As of now, I believe in my country there is no fine at all for this kind or crime. But I fear the thing is not taken seriously anywhere.



Been out for a while and I am not a big wiki guy (something about my security side of life) so I may be missing things.

Link the user DB to your L&L user tables. This will require a forum account.
Utilize captchas.
Utilize forced review (someone will need to approve posts).

For all I know you are doing these already, but we have not suffered a wiki compromise to date using this strategy.


The “bad guys” are easily able to read the and populate the math “captcha” that mediawiki is using. it is just plain text†. You want to use a real captcha extension.

†[size=75]Take a look at the page source. Not even in javascript. It might as well not even be there. I would have use an ajaxish type of call to get the text and put the answer in a server side session var. At least that way the bot would need to at least think a little bit.[/size]