wiki maker

I’m increasingly finding myself writing and structuring websites or microsites for clients, and it would be nice to be able to present them with stripped down, (more or less) text only versions rather than a wodge of copy in the inevitable Word document. That way they could get more of a feel and see how I was linking stuff.

Scrivener’s pretty good for organising the info in the first place, but I’d like something preferably openable in a browser with wiki-esque tree structure menu on the side, as that’s how most websites work at the moment.

It’s the kind of thing a wiki application could do, I’m guessing, but I can’t find anything passable - Metawrite isn’t finished and crashes; VoodooPad doesn’t have the menus; TiddlyWiki is all on one page. The best compromise I’ve come to is a really simple theme in Rapidweaver but it feels like a sledgehammer to crush a nut.

Any thoughts? I’d really like to not spend tons of money, though it’s all taxable so I will if it’s worth it.

There’s a nice little cross-platform, open-source wiki called NotebookWiki available at … =Main_Page

I haven’t tried it on my MacBook yet, but it runs nicely on a PC. It has some great little features and does a passable job of exporting to HTML. Might be worth a look.


Then again having to install from a command line on a Mac is rather offputting. As is replacing an okayish wiki site with a really terrible bodge job…

It might be okay, but I’m not messing with CLI anymore.

If you want to have it in the browser, the easiest solution is literally to get some web-hosting and install a Wiki on the host. This may seem like overkill, but if you’re developing websites for clients, a publicly accessible web-host is damn near indispensable, anyhow.

I suggest Dreamhost. Why? Because they’re cheap (with a coupon, about $75 AU a year), pretty stable…and they have ‘one click installs’ for a number of hosted software packages - INCLUDING a rather nice Wiki package. This means you won’t have to do any configuration to get the Wiki up and running…you just enable it and start creating pages.

I’ve been looking at other solutions, like the free online wikis such as and coming to a similar conclusion. They’re cheap or free, too.

It’s not so much website development I do, as content creation, and mostly text content at that. Up to a point this can be done by email in the use way of copywriting, but it’s good to be able to give clients a feel for how the information is structured, even if it’s a bit rough and ready.

Thanks for that though. I’ll check out my webhost - I hadn’t thought of that option.

There is also PBWiki.

Moinx was pretty good for a basic local wiki, but they haven’t updated it in a long time.

And there’s Plone, a heavy duty local wiki/cms you access from your browser.

If you’re not strictly in need of Wiki syntax so much as a way of easily creating a lot of linked hypertext content, you might want to check out Google Apps. It’s free, and one of the available apps is a WYSIWYG web-page creator that allows you to really easily create and share web content.