Wiki Style Scrivener Links

I can’t get this feature to work. Probably cockpit error but I’d appreciate any help.

The manual indicates that in order to use this feature you need to do the following

I checked the box in preferences for

Then on a new link typed in [[debt]] expecting to see the link dialog open but nothing happened.


You definitely ticked both “Automatically detect web addresses” and “and Scrivener links”? If so, where are you typing? Scrivener links work in the main editor and the notes areas only.

Apologies - I’m being a bit thick about this

Here is what I did

Your language, as well as the language in the manual, suggests I’m missing something.

A-ha. Yes, there should be two checkboxes, not one. Which version of Scrivener are you running? Is it 2.0.2? And if so, are you running Tiger, or maybe Leopard? Now that I think about it, on Tiger (and maybe Leopard - I’m not at my development machine right now so will have to check), Scrivener uses a different pane for the Auto-Correction because of the differences in available options between OS versions. It may be that when I separated this option out into two checkboxes instead of one, I forgot to separate it out in the pre-Snow Leopard version of the pane, so that it doesn’t work properly. If that’s the case, it’s a simple fix for 2.0.3, but let me know.


I’m running 10.5.8
Scrivener Version is 2.0.2 (6862)

Thanks. Added to the list for 2.0.3.