Wiki type revisions

I’m editing/rewriting today, working with the split screen. I’ve just started and am working on the opening of the book, during which I often write multiple copies until I find the approach that works best for me. As I was doing this, I was creating new text files for each and wonder if a revision system like wikis offer would be useful.

I envision it as adding a “clean slate” button, which would create an expandable folder icon. Clicking on the icon itself would show the most recent or “published” version. Expanding the folder would allow one to go back in time and reread each attempt.

When publishing, the selected version would be compiled.

Not certain how much people would use this - it is a bit of a strange concept and may not return any value. If anyone is interested, please add your thoughts.

Have you looked at document snapshots? This does everything you want, without cluttering the binder with the various versions. Only the current version (binder version, if you will) can be compiled, but you can roll back to any earlier–or later–snapshot easily. Snapshots are detailed in section 15.6 of the user manual and also given a step in the interactive tutorial.

This didn’t stick when I read through. Wouldn’t have found it with the terms I was searching for, but this is pretty much what I was thinking about.