Wiki What?

So I was sitting at work and came up with a ludicrous idea that I wanted to bounce everyone to see if I am thinking in the realms of complete insanity or not.

I was thinking of a social experiement done for not recognition nor profit but one done for sheer fun.

A Wiki fictional book.

A wiki what?

Yeah a Wiki fictional story that is forever ongoing.

The idea is it is based in a “world” were the only limit is imagination. It is a “Wiki Book” well because a Wiki in definition is

“a Web site that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users.”

So why not have a story that is forever continuing that is a collaborative work of everyone?

So an author “contributes” by the telling of a story, another may further takes these characters on in continuation or may introduce new plots and character twists in this ongoing story and world.

Down the road you could have a work of fiction that is actually many stories related and unrelated but share the same fictional “world” or a collection of “short stories” all entwined by the simple fact they share the same “World”

It would be intersting to see the outcome of so many different minds and imaginations building a “World that never ends”.

Or my sugar levels could be low and it could be becuase its about time to go home for the day but I thought for a moment there that it would be an experiment that could only be defined as


You mean like this one? :slight_smile:

through the power of the mind alone I was able to tap into ideas and energy I had no current knowledge of.

Maybe I am krazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks fer the sites!

the pigeon said:


Pot meet kettle. Kettle, pot.

Now you two get along.

Monsieur Jeyson,
Is not your brain, just as SHINE,addled as the vulture`s?

LeD :smiling_imp:

No, mine is pickled. Keep it in a jar where I can see it. never really used it anyway.


I sold mine on the eBay website so I could save up some extra change to purchase my MBP.

It seemed to only store memories best forgotten, and useless knowledge that I could never profit from.

A bunch of technical writers I knew had a “department novel” to which the writers contributed when inspiration struck at the same time that boredom with writing “how-to-change-the-paper” pamphlets set in.

So, someone’s done it before. Ok - big deal. That shouldn’t hinder you from starting one of your own. Why not?