Will Be Reinstalling Soon, And...

… I will not be using the OS X Migration Assistant — this will be a totally clean install. But thus, the problem: I’ve created a ton of custom keyboard shortcuts for Scrivener (in System Preferences, of course), and want to preserve them. Is there a sure-fire way to preserve these shortcuts once I do the new (clean) install, and have them show back up in System Preferences, too? (I know that preserving the .plist files in ~/Library/Preferences doesn’t always do this). Any help anyone could give as to where these preferences “live” would be super-helpfull! Also — anyone know of an app (or AppleScript) that can cull together all my keyboard shortcuts and put them in one giant file, then put them back into System Preferences once I migrate to the shiny, squeaky-clean new install?

Thanks a bunch,
Andy H.

This article breaks it down for you (a strangely complex subject). betalogue.com/2005/08/03/key … d-restore/
It makes my head spin, but it explains that you are probably looking for a com.literatureandlatte.scrivener.plist or similarly named file. For experimenting, I’d recommend you create another user account, copy the plist files that you think need to be in place, and then reboot and see if the shortcuts show up under that user’s setup. If so, then you know you got the right files for restoring your setup after the clean install.