Will beta 3 install be able to access files created in Version:

If I install the Windows beta version of Scrivener, how would it affect my Version: work files? Will it load my Version: files automatically, overwrite them :open_mouth: , or will I have to start from scratch?


You can open them in Beta 3, which will create a backup of your 1.9 project before converting it to the new format. Version 1.9 cannot open V. 3 projects, so any changes you make in v. 3 will not be available in the v. 1.9 copy, though you can open the two versions side by side and drag-and-drop from v. 3 to v. 1.9.

Do NOT install the v. 3 Beta program into the same location as your existing v. 1.9 program.



I loaded Beta 3 and have a start-up message saying “This Scrivener for Windows Release Candidate 5 will expire after Sunday, May 31, 2020.” Will I lose access to this on June 1?


They do this to make sure every beta tester is using the most current version — otherwise there’d be a lot of wasted effort report bugs which may already have been fixed.

They will issue a new Beta before then — just install the new Beta and it will inherit everything you’ve set up with this one.