Will Block Quotes (Special Formatting) be Retained When Compiled as PDF?

I’m using Scrivener for Windows, 1.9.8, and I’m a Newbie.

Assuming I figure out how to create a blockquote, will I have any issues when compiling to a PDF document? I want to be assured the formatting won’t be lost or changed in the process. (I’ve seen other posts here that make me a bit nervous, i.e. others found the formatting isn’t retained during the compile process. Yikes!)

If compiling to a PDF is problematic, then what about using Multimarkdown and compiling to MMD? I’m somewhat familiar with MMD and would actually prefer to use it rather than whatever blockquote built-in formatting Scrivener already has. But then again…maybe not. It all depends on how the blockquote is formatted within Scrivener, and most importantly, how it compiles.

My preferred output is to PDF, but if I have to use something else, then I’m willing to add it to my workflow.

Thanks for any help you can give me. Cheers!

Whether the formatting is retained or not depends on your Compile settings.

Note that Windows Scrivener 3 is now in beta, and will include a significant overhaul of the Compile function. So if, say, you’re just starting to write a thesis that you won’t need to publish until next year, sorting out the intricacies of the Compile function is probably best deferred until later.