Will comments in Word import?

Hi, I’m trying out Scrivener to see if I want to buy. I’m not writing a book, but I’m a developmental editor and want to use Scrivener, among other things, for organizing and outlining the book I’m working on. I have been working in MS Word and writing the main points as comments in the margin. It would be a great help if Scrivener would import these comments that I’ve already made.

In the tutorial, when I practiced importing a .docx document, all the comments imported into the right column. However, when I set up a new project, the comments did not import. So I’m confused. Can I import a document into a new project and see my comments? That might be the deal-breaker as to whether or not I buy Scrivener. Thanks!

I figured out the answer to my own question by accident. I imported a Word document into Scrivener. Then I clicked the “n” in a comment bubble at the bottom of the right-hand column. All the comments appeared.