Will I be able run Scrivener 2 and 3 on the same machine?


apologies if this has already been covered, but when I upgrade to Scrivener 3 will it replace version 2, or can I keep running it (just in case there are any issues with the new version)?

I understand it is a new file format, but I’d like to be able to keep version 2 on my machine if possible.

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Yes, you can keep running them both – but they’re both called ‘Scrivener’, so you’ll have to rename one. Personally I’d rename the old version before I installed the new one – AFAIK you only have to change the name in Applications.

The two versions use different preferences files so you’re not risking anything.

BTW When you open a S2 file on S3 it converts it to the new file format, but it leaves a copy of the old version.

But what about the folder in ~/Library/Application Support/? I see that Scrivener 2 just calls it Scrivener, so is it replaced, is there a new folder added called “Scrivener 3” or do they just share that folder? I would assume the latter, as I don’t see why they couldn’t.

You can share them, although I would recommend using two different folders if you are going to keep them side by side on the same machine.

The folder in Application Support is generated and used automatically by Scrivener - It is not something an end user can change.

Yes, they share the same folder, but according to Ioa the other day, the support files themselves are different (or in the case of your own templates are converted from V2 to V3 and backed up as necessary), so it shouldn’t be a problem.


I’ve been running them both side by side as one of the beta testers, and have had no problems apart from making sure that I remembered which project was v. 2 and which v. 3, particularly at the beginning, with no difference in the finder icon to distinguish them, so I set up different folders for each.

Also, I personally found no bugs. V. 3 was completely stable from the start; the only thing that I had to spend time on was getting my head round the new compile system with styles, being an old hand who had customised the v. 2 compile system to output an RTF file exactly the way I want it.


Ah, that. Yeah, I never had any issues with them side by side. The system knows which apps are which.

Where is the download link for the Windows 3 beta version? Thank you.

Not in the macOS forum. :slight_smile: It will be coming soon.

Windows Beta:


I put Scrivener 3 in a folder named ‘Scrivener 3’ inside the Applications folder and created a folder called ‘Scrivener 3’ in the Application Support folder (use Invisibility Toggler to view Application Support folder).

V2 and 3 work fine.