Will I get updates for life if I buy?


I am tempted to buy Scrivener for windows after looking at it. Some questions:

1) Will my copy get updates for life? Like buying an app from Play App store gets free updates for life?

If I move computers, to a newer one next year, can I reinstall what I bought on the new one or do I have to pay again?
(I just read somewhere I can have a paid copy on two computers. My question is if I can move one of them to a new one and stop using the old machine’s Scrivener.)

If so, both would be good selling points to emphasise.


  1. There may be a nominal cost for major upgrades - not sure about this. Certainly not for maintenance upgrades.

  2. You can re-install to a new computer.

Thanks Major Major.

See these two…

Update policy

Multiple computer use
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb/ … e-computer

Thanks SpringfieldMH for the links. Seems fair enough.