Will I lose content with upgrade to the NaNo or paid version

I’m loving the beta version, but am so looking forward to trying out the special NaNo edition, then buying the paid version when it’s available. I am worried that I might lose some content when I upgrade/install the Nano version, etc. Are there any special steps I need to take or will simply saving projects and templates be enough? Please advise me, because the last thing I need is another reason to procrastinate! :stuck_out_tongue:

Your data should be fine but I strongly recommend you backup your projects as a precaution against data loss. Also if you’re writing a draft of a story I would compile that to its own separate document. If the worst happens you can import the draft and then split it.

Thanks for trying out Scrivener and for your kind words! As Stacey said, your projects should all be fine and won’t be touched when you uninstall/reinstall, but definitely do make backups–it’s just a good habit in any case. If you’ve set up any custom compile presets or adjusted your preferences (in Options) and want to save them, you can do so via the “Manage” box in each of those windows. Project templates that you create are automatically saved into the AppData directory of your user name, so they’ll remain through an uninstall/reinstall.

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

I installed the new NaNo trial version and all my content came through safe and sound.

Squeeeeeeee! NaNo trial version is available! I’ve been waiting and waiting for this!!
runs off to download immediately. Darnit, why can’t the internet go faster?

What???!!! :smiley:

Where? :open_mouth: :question:

HERE!!! literatureandlatte.com/nanowrimo.php

I just downloaded it and it’s full of awesome.

NOw if iI could just quit playing with my new software long enough to actually write something… :smiling_imp:

That what October is all about. Play, play!

I dowloaded yesterday version 0.0.35. Do I have the NaNo version?

No, the NaNo version is b44, and you’ll know you have it because the flash screen when you start it up has a big welcome for Wrimos. You can download it from the URL posted above; the nanowrimo.php one.

Would you recommend the rest of us upgrade?

Sure, if you want to. b44 vanilla ought to be out fairly soon, but the NaNo version is just Scrivener. It will expire in December, that’s the main difference—and it comes with a special variation on the novel template. Personally I’d be keen on getting it just for the better drag & drop model.

My about screen says the Nano version is 0.0.45. Surely that should be be beta 045?

Okie. I’ll keep an eye out for the b44.

Sounds like I need to update. :wink:


At least now you have a genuine reason to procrastinate!

Thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!! :smiley: