Will installing Scriv 3 for Windows delete or override Scriv 1.9?

I’m agog with excitement to download 3.0 for Windows and get started on it, but before I do that, I would like to know what will happen to my current version–1.9.16–and the files I’ve created in it.

Will Scriv 1.9.16 remain on my computer in case, for whatever reason, I decide I prefer it? (This happened when I dabbled in the Beta 3; I wound up going back to 1.9 because I decided to wait for the full release.)

I assume that if I use Scriv 3 to open files created in 1.9, they will be updated and won’t be backward compatible, but can I save those files to use again in 1.9, with suitable renaming/version tracking?

Apologies if these questions are answered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find the info on the product page.

Many thanks for all the work L&L has done to make me never again question my decision to stay in Windows world.

It shouldn’t. When I installed it while having the beta version installed, it was installed to Scrivener3, while regular Scrivener is in a “Scrivener” directory.

That’s sort of what I thought, too, but I appreciate hearing from someone who’s done it. Thank you!

Curious about this also.
Will await more replies and see how folks fared on this upgrade.

I’m the original poster of the question, here to report that while I’m not yet ready to move my 75K-word current project from 1.9 into 3.0, I did import a much smaller piece of unfinished work into 3.0, to give me something to work on as I check out 3.0.

The import/conversion went perfectly, and so far I have had no problems or complaints about 3.0, although I’ve just started exploring the differences between it and 1.9.

So I’m now running both 1.9 and 3.0 on my Surface Pro 7, and backing up the files from each into different master folders to avoid confusion. I expect to transition completely to 3.0 at some point, but until then I’ll just have to stay sharp regarding version control!

I have both installed on my PC. I changed the directory name for the new one from Scrivener3 to Scrivener300 out of habit (I’ve been using the betas for testing for the last six months or so).
Both are working fine.

I uninstalled 1.9 and installed 3. The uninstall did not impact any of my projects. After reinstalling, all of my projects correctly and perfectly converted - including projects that are a hot mess with several dozen folders that I am still getting under control. I decided to just fully migrate over and I don’t regret it.

I just successfully installed version 3. I still have version 1 on my computer with my original project. What do I need to import from version 1 to 3 to work exclusively in version 3? I would need specifics to be sure. Again the install of version 3 was simple and successful. Many thanks.

Make sure you have a back up copy of your project then simply open it in Scrivener 3. Scrivener will upgrade your project for you. but if you encounter any issues (which you shouldn’t as those of us who have been evaluating the Beta versions since way back have tested the feature more often than we’ve had meals) you will still have the 1.9 project to fall back on.

Many thanks Carl for your good efforts here. I need a little more specificity. Which files will I need to back up in Scriv 1.9? And I’m assuming these same files are the ones I’d open in Scriv 3? I’m just not certain. I know where my Scriv files are on my computer. Just not sure which one (or ones) actually contain my data. Thanks.

Yes, you would open the original project in version 3, and when doing so you’ll get a message about it needing to be updated, and this message will also explain how an automatic backup will be created prior to doing so. Thus the backup it creates will remain untouched and in v1 format. After doing so, you’ll have two copies of that project in the original folder, one with “Backup” in its name.

So as low-risk as that is, it hurts to make your own backups as well, just find the original project in Explorer, right click on it, and send it to a compressed zip.

Joseph, as you still have Scrivener 1.9 installed on your PC, the simplest method of backing up a 1.9 project is to use Scrivener 1.9 to do so.

Launch Scrivener 1.9
Open your project
File > Back up > Back up To - Put the backup in a folder that you’ll remember and name the backup meaningfully. For example, MyProject FINAL V1.9 BACKUP. I strongly recommend backing it up as a zip file, to avoid confusion.

As Ioa mentions, when Scrivener 3 upgrades your project it will automatically create a copy of your v1 project. If you make your own backup, then you can keep or discard the automatically created copy as you think best. If you keep it, move it somewhere where it won’t confuse you two months down the road. :smiley:


Many gracious thanks Ioa and Jim for your guidance. I have created a backup ZIP file for my project in Scriv 1 (Thanks Jim). I’m still a little confused. When I open Scriv 3 and click “Open Existing Project,” my question is which file/folder do I need then to upload? Where would I find it on my computer? Many thanks for all your good efforts.

Your projects are stored wherever you saved them previously, as folders ending in “.scriv”. So for example if you saved a project named “My Grand Novel” in the Documents folder, you would find “My Grand Novel.scriv” in Documents. Drill into that folder and open the “My Grand Novel.scrivx” file in v3 to upgrade it.

So now that you know the pattern, you can use Explorer file search to hunt down “.scriv” folders.

Many thanks Ioa. This seems to have solved my dilemma. Much appreciated.