Will it run OK on my subcompact notebook???

I have an Acer Aspire One. Will the software run OK on it? Here are the specs…

Windows 7
Intel Atom N455
10.1 crystal led lcd
1GB DDR3 memory

Pardon the equivocation, but I think it depends on your definition of “OK”. There have already been netbook users who have been experiencing what I thought were performance problems having to do with lack of memory, a weak processor, and slow I/O.

If I had a netbook, i’d get the trial version and take it for a spin. You might be entirely satisfied. It all depends on your workload and your expectations.

Maybe some current netbook users will share their experiences.

I’m running Scrivener on a slightly older Aspire (same form factor & RAM, Windows XP, smaller HDD & older processor) and haven’t noticed any significant issues… however, my projects are (as yet) small, and I’ve been using this netbook for my primary PC since 2009, so my performance expectations have adjusted accordingly.

I second jravan’s suggestion that you take the trial version for a test spin!

I’m using a similar 10.1" netbook to yours and scrivener works well, though I do have 2Gb of ram. My only caveat would be screen size: obviously a bigger monitor would be better.

It will work okay. I use a 10.1’’ Samsung netbook with the same characteristics (well, all Atom netbooks are almost identical) and haven’t noticed any significant differences between Scrivener running on a netbook and on a desktop computer (apart from the screen size, obviously). The project I’m working on both of them is over 50K, since it’s a NaNo novel I’m trying to finish. :slight_smile: The only time I experience any slowness is when I use Project Targets, but it lags on both computers and it’s probably due to the project size.