Will it work with Leopard?

I’m using an old Mac (from 2006) running Leopard. Will Scrivener work with this system? I hate to buy it an not have it work properly. I’ve been writing ‘old school’ style via word for about five years and 4 manuscripts. But this leads to multiple files and notes all over the place! If scrivener can make my life easier, I’m all for it.

We did recently buy a PC running Windows 8, but had planned to keep it only for family, and not writing. Would I be better off using the Mac with Leopard, or the new PC?

Thank you!

I have an old PowerBook G4 that must be about seven years old, and Scrivener runs on it perfectly well. It should even run on Tiger. If you run Scrivener on the Mac, you will be using a version that has more features – the Windows version is a later development, and has not achieved parity yet.